Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, December 29

Exhaustion. Pure exhaustion, that's what I'm feeling. Bob is sound asleep on the couch and has been for awhile.

After finishing the school room, I unloaded the scary hall closet. I had no where to put stuff, so I used that clean school room. Ouch, that hurt. It was only a landing spot, though, and it's back to spic and span now.

As I was unloading the closet, I called my sweet husband to help me. When he arrived, I told him I didn't need any actual help, but asked him if he could figure out how to make more storage out of this space.

I just have to say, I knew darned well how to make more storage--shelves. Sometimes when it's the man's idea, it just works better. He volunteered to install shelves. He measured and was out the door. An hour or two later, I had those old-fashioned adjustable shelves (works great for me!) installed. They're lovely.

Surprisingly, not much trash at all in the closet. It's one that's above the stairs, so the builders made graduated levels. With no shelving stuff was stacked on top of stuff. Now it has lovely shelving that was desperately needed and no stacking. I have tons of spare room, too. I'm thinking about putting some of my more seldom-used kitchen appliances in there to free up cupboard space.

The dumpster arrived at 3:30, and we waved goodbye to the couch and TV. The dumpster is crying out for our old, tired stuff. We're willing to feed it.

Emotionally, I'm feeling tons better today. That school room just about did me in.

Tomorrow on the agenda:

Living Room:
Decluttering will take an hour at the most. I need to go through our old videos, the front closet and my Great-Grandma's Hoosier cabinet. I doubt I'll even fill one box for donations. This area is kept really well. The Hoosier cabinet I'm just going to re-arrange.

I'm not going to do much cleaning other than dusting and vacuuming. Because I enjoy the Christmas decorations, and have no where to put the tubs yet, I'm going to leave Christmas up. I usually don't take it down until after New Year's Day anyway.

This shouldn't take too long to declutter, as I worked on it not too long ago. I may do some re-organization, though, which will take time. I'll be getting rid of all my old and gross cookie sheets. I bought cookie sheets before Christmas at Sam's Club and they are better than sliced bread. They're the kind The Pioneer uses--well, maybe they're cheap knock-offs, but similar.

I think between the living room and kitchen, tomorrow, plus tweaking the hall closet and doing more laundry, that will be all that's on the agenda. I always find plenty to keep me busy.

Tonight I'm going to bed early, as opposed to 3 like last night. I need a good rest so I can get 'er done.

The next day we'll start the dungeon, I mean basement. It's dark and dreary down there, but it's not that bad junk wise. It just needs a couple of coats of bright white paint, which I'm not willing to do this week. The laundry room has some things I need to get rid of. It will probably take a couple days, though. Then we have the garage and then we're done! I see light at the end of the tunnel.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Good job, Frankie!
You have inspired me.
And you are very wise to call your husband and ask him how to get more room in the closet . . . they just love it when they think they've helped you with their own idea. Men are really very simple creatures . . .

Hillary said...
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Becky said...

Laughing about the shelves -- wonderful idea!

Here's to that light at the end of the tunnel!

audrey said...

Oh. My. Gods!

Please come to my house and get me as motivated as you! Or, just come to my house and declutter it for me? :)

SabrinaT said...

You should add before and after pictures!!! Way to go!!