Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 31

I am so exhausted that I don't think I'll make it until midnight.

Yesterday and today are blurred. We worked in the basement again today. At one point I walked into my laundry room and gasped. I bet over half the "stuff" is gone. It didn't look like the same room.

Sorting, bagging, tossing, loading over and over ad nauseum.

Our celebration dinner tonight was Pizza Hut. We like it, we were all too tired to cook, and they were running a great deal. (Except I over-tipped the driver since it is a holiday.)

Before dinner I sat down at my computer to respond to some emails. The next thing I knew, Bob was calling my name repeatedly, asking me where the phone book was. Huh? I had fallen asleep sitting straight up at the computer.

A little food, and I was able to put a few more hours work in.

Why are we doing this? It sounds crazy. It was part of my Christmas present, a clean house, but it's more than that. When my siblings and I cleaned out my Dad's house, it affected me greatly. The stuff -- the stuff. I can't even put into words my feelings, but that I wanted to clean out my own home. The stuff -- the stuff.

And so we plow through it all. I feel better. Bob feels better. Thomas? I'm not sure how he's feeling, but he did a double take today when he walked into the laundry room and shouted, "WOW!"

The stuff -- the stuff.

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SabrinaT said...

You are doing AMAZING! When you are all finished take a day off and just rest..