Friday, January 02, 2009

Just a Little Whining

I just need to whine. I hate doing the family room. Every time I go to the game cupboard I stare at it, move a few games around, then walk away. I don't like to play board games. To me, they're bored games. Yet, we have lot of good games and Thomas likes to play. I asked Bob if he would look them over. Every one of them I'd keep except for his Risk game. I did sneak out the Hungry, Hungry Hippos, though.

I have been going through all the computer disks, games, etc. I have discovered that the antique library filing cabinet that I brought home from Denver is wonderful to have in that the tiny drawers at the top that used to hold index cards work perfectly for CD storage. That's very nice. I was wondering what I would do with those drawers.

I have made a paperwork stack next to the big filing cabinet, because I just don't have the time or patience to file now. I appreciate your comments on how you all file and deal with paperwork, as it's encouraging. I really liked Audrey's comment about throwing out the old bill when the new arrived and there was proof of payment.

I am not having fun today. I am not enjoying this today, I am not feeling free. It's not exciting, it's tedious. I will force myself to continue, because it's the last biggie -- tomorrow will be the kitchen and I'll be done. Oh, if only I could be more decisive today.

I need a blast of energy. I don't know why this room is such a challenge to me, but it is.


audrey said...

Whine away! You've been doing a lot of work. I cannot tell you how inspiring you have been to me.

L and I have made a promise to each other to use January days off to do the same thing. There are also a couple of minor DIY projects that need doing, but with the clutter in the way, it's too daunting to tackle.

Just keep going... you know you can get over this bump in the road.

*I* know you can!

Kate in NJ said...

I am so impressed with all you have finished up! We play a lot of board games here. Hungry hungry hippos..well, I'd get rid of that one too, but P won't let