Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update: Bob and the Dogs

Why not lump a husband in with the dogs? He'd appreciate my humor!

Bob: Nothing new. Same old. Still enjoying his job, although he's very, very busy at work at the moment. He's been my rock through everything. We'll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this September. I cannot remember life without him. I know I wouldn't have fared as well without him.

Our precious Apollo and Tesla--they adore him. Apollo is definitely his dog. Tesla is definitely Thomas's. Bob and Thomas play fetch with them several times a day, walk them every morning, take them to the beach--sometimes they take me along, too. ;-) The dogs have done more for our family. Lots of good male bonding going on.

Apollo and Tesla took basic obedience. They're border collies, and smart as a whip. They could already do 90% of what was taught in class, and the other 10% was a piece of cake. However, because they're border collies, they wanted no part of paying attention to us: they were busy trying to herd the other doggies in the class. The entire 10 weeks of class was spent teaching them to focus on us during distraction. Let's just say, we have more work to do. They're fine in public, at the beach, in the neighborhood--put them with other dogs? ha! Instant headache for me!

Bob wants to take them through agility and fly ball. I don't, so that will be a boy thing.

The kitties are doing well, too. One is getting really old, and the other is sickly as usual--but loving and happy. They have finally learned to not hiss around the dogs, and they basically get along pretty well. I don't think the cats like the dogs, though. They didn't mind Jerry Lee at all.


audrey said...

Hey you! Thanks for the update. It's always nice to catch up with you and all the boys. :)

Kate in NJ said...

Glad your "boys" are doing well.