Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update: Frankie

Emotionally: Lots better. I'm still not fully recovered from everything, but I am so in a better place. I still get weepy when I see old men in jeans with black tennis shoes. I cried the other night at our town parade when the WWII vets were driven by. I miss my Dad. Yet, life goes on and so have I. I trudged along like I was walking knee-deep in water, then got a little closer to the shore, and now I'm okay.

Computer: I am not on the computer every day anymore. I have kicked the habit. That was absolutely liberating. Now I'm looking for a good balance. I miss blogging and I miss my blogging friends. I still won't be on the computer every day, but I will every couple of days!

Health: Not so hot. I decided to take a chance and go to a new doctor. She and another quit the clinic that all other doctors belong to so they could start fresh. She had a great reputation and I finally got brave. Had a physical at the beginning of the month.

It was the appointment from hell--but I loved her. For once, a doctor listened to me! From the inception of this blog, I've been bitchin' about periods, pain, PMS, etc. I was always placated by my old doctor. Last time he said, "Why, I thought they were supposed to get better as you got older."

Not my new doc. She jumped on it. She asked me a series of questions and then right then and there did a cervical biopsy. That hurt like holy hell. I screamed out many times. I have cramped ever since. It was benign, thankfully. She also sent me down the hall where I had an ultrasound. I had a great tech who actually told me what she was seeing. She found three fibroids and an ovarian cyst. The cyst burst the next day and it hurt so bad. The tech said there were probably more fibroids that they couldn't see.

Back for blood work, then back to see the doctor. I was referred to an OBGYN. He visits our town every two weeks. I saw him last week. He was fantastic. He couldn't believe with my history (fibroid when I was 28) that I wasn't checked out years ago.

Anyway, he discussed the options. At that point I wanted to have a hysterectomy and be done with the whole bloody mess. He suggested an ablation instead. That's where they burn the lining of the uterus. So I'm going to do that. It's a same-day surgery with a short recovery. It's being set up right now, I need to check back.

I am scared to death of surgery, but I am so hopeful for relief. The pain has been horrible, which is typical with fibroids.

Projects: Right now I am trying to get finished with scanning the family photos. This is such a slow, tedious project. It is highly emotional. I'm getting there. I hope to be done in three weeks. I hope I'm done before surgery is set. This is my main focus right now.

School: I've got 8th grade planned out, just need to tweak. Will post our list soon, order the final books and map out our school year. Waiting on cash, as aside from our mortgage, we are debt free now. Don't know how the surgery will set us back, but we have good insurance. Hoping it's not too bad.

I am thinking of joining the homeschool group in the big city. The local group is made up of lovely women, but aside from one ice skating party this past year, they only do co-op. I am not interested in co-op. The big city does all kinds of things. Thomas needs to be around more kids than his friends, and I think it would be a great opportunity. If we go to the big city every now and again, that means I get to go to Taco Bell, too. lol Or if I'm feeling rich, maybe the Olive Garden! It's all about food for me! With his new desire to read all the time, access to a bookstore more frequently would be nice, too.

Travel: Have to visit my MIL sometime this summer. Also have our fun little weekend planned. By chance, I found out the riverboat ride I booked us for will be free for me because it's my birthday. I haven't spent a birthday with my husband in years. He won't mind because he won't have to get me a present. lol

That's about it.

All caught up. I will start blogging more. I really needed a break. I'm refreshed now.


Meg_L said...

Hello, hello, hello.

I'm glad to see you back, I've missed you!

My Bff had that procedure about 5 years ago and it did make a big difference for her, I hope yours goes as well.

And hey, my sister is giving a workshop in Indy nest month...want to come?

Gerky said...

Glad to see you back. :)

I had a hysto on my husbands 40th birthday. I had a cyst that was crushing one of my falopian tubes that hurt like hell for 2 full years before I went to the doctor. After the "ultrasound" (that was a bit humbling) it showed a "mass". The doctor decided to do surgery to remove the cyst. When he got in there he found a fibroid tumor inside my uterus and a cyst (I think) that was the size of a softball (hense the pain). When he popped it at least 12 ounces of blood came out. That spiraled into a very fast heartbeat and severe weakness due to loss of blood. He stopped the surgery, collected my husband and parents, shoed them pictures (which I still have) and told them I should have a hysto.

My mom had the same thing when she was younger so we were rather expecting it. They gave the OK and I am no longer in pain.

I certainly hope your precedure takes care of your pain without the radicalness of a full hysto.

Good to see you back and hope Thomas is having fun at camp!

Bobbi said...

I found myself thinking of you this week. Wondering how you were and how Thomas and Bob were doing. Also all the dogs too.

What a lovely surprise to wake up and find updates in my reader this morning.

So glad you are doing better and being an advocate for your health. I hope that the surgery works and your recovery is quick.


Doc said...

I was just thinking about you - thanks for the updates. I'm so happy that everything seems to be going forward for you - don't be an internet stranger.

Kate in NJ said...

Hello Friend.
I have missed you, but I promised myself I would NOT
Best of luck with your surgery,
and getting your pics done.
I'm glad you are moving forward.

Joi said...

Yeah!! I am so glad to see you again. I have been thinking about you.

I have heard that most times that procedure can be done during an office visit and it is very possible to only have to pay the co-pay if you have one.

audrey said...

Things are looking up, eh? That's great!

Totally understand about the pics. My dad's been gone almost 4 years, mom over 15 years. I cannot bring myself to go through the pics. I get to the part where I'm going to open the box of photo albums and I just. can't. do it.

SabrinaT said...

YEAH, Glad you are back!! It is good when a doctor listens to you! I am sure your procedure will go well.

I hope you all have a wonderful trip! And, Thomas enjoys his time at camp.

Happy 20 Th to you both!!!!!!!