Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update: Thomas

Thomas has completed the seventh grade. He has grown up so fast this past year it amazes me. He is one inch shorter than I am. It is very strange standing and being able to look him in the eye. He seems so old now. Not that 13 is old, but he is maturing quickly.

At this very moment, he's away at summer camp. The first day he was gone, I missed him fiercely. Now I'm fine, knowing he's having fun. We had a long weekend before dropping him off. I have a surprise for him when I pick him up this weekend. We are going to be very close to the Mississippi, so good old Bob didn't object to me setting up a short riverboat cruise. Bob is staying home with the dogs, so it will just be Thomas and I. I have a few other surprises up my sleeve, and we'll take 1-2 days to get home. I'm taking my camera and will share pictures.

This past year, Thomas has had a fire in him with science. The kid reads and reads and reads science books. We had to drive to the big city an hour away once a week for obedience classes, and we couldn't keep him stocked with books. His dad has completely taken over on this front, thankfully. Right now he's reading something by Stephen Hawking.

School went fairly well. It was a rough year for us as we recuperated from the black cloud that followed us last year.

We took our standardized test at the end of the year. Normally we do a lot of prep with prep workbooks, but this year we just did the test. Thomas did a fantastic job, once again. Lots of post-high school scores. He's a smart kid. As usual, he scored grade level in spelling.

He still hates math. I am just beside myself when it comes to math. Tears, anger, was on a daily basis. Maybe I'll take him to a hypnotist and have it ingrained in his brain that he loves math. That's about the only thing we haven't tried yet. (I am joking about that, btw.)

Other than that, he's happy and healthy. He's enjoying his summer break and dreading school starting up again. Go figure, he does so well, he enjoys it once we get going, but he actually prefers summer break. lol

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Kate in NJ said...

Hmmm..a kid who likes summer break to school ...better have that
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