Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh, I'm Baaaad

We had to run to Wal-mart tonight because we were out of milk and cereal. We did our shopping and went to buy the goods. One line was open, so we got in it.

There was one lady in front of us and she was standing there arguing with the teller. I loaded my stuff (way more than milk and cereal, why is that?) to the belt and then tuned in, as the argument continued.

PS Teacher: But these were 9 cents apiece last week.
Clerk: But they're 25 cents now.
PS Teacher: But I work for the school in X town. (A town 20 miles north of us.)
Clerk: They're 25 cents apiece this week,.
PS Teacher: But these are for the school. Because these are for the school, won't you give me credit? These were 9 cents last week.
Clerk: They're 25 cents this week.
PS Teacher: I demand to speak to the manager.

Now by this time, a second clerk had come in to help out poor clerk number one. What was the idiot--er, lady buying? 60 purple file folders.

Idiot: Besides, they're on sale for 9 cents apiece this week at Shopko. Where's the manager?
Clerk: Did you bring Shopko's ad? We can match the price if you have the ad.
Idiot: I didn't bring the ad, but they're on sale for 9 cents apiece this week at Shopko. You can trust me, I teach at X School.

The second clerk runs off to get the manager.

PSTeacher: I just don't understand this, these are for the school and they were on sale last week.

At this point I'm about ready to donate the difference because I wanted to get the hell out of there.

The clerk comes back without the manager.

Clerk 2: The manager said they are 25 cents apiece.
PS Teacher: But I don't understand, they were 9 cents a week last week.

ME (loudly): Well, I guess if you wanted them for 9 cents, you should have come in last week to buy them then.

If looks could kill, I was dead on the spot. She wrote her check, which takes forever at Wal-mart, and walked of super pissed off.

The clerks started laughing when I got up there. Then I said, "Gee, we're homeschoolers, and we use logic. If we want something that is on sale, we buy it when it is on sale. We don't expect favors. However, since we're homeschoolers and I'm buying apples and bananas, could I get a discount for our school lunch program?

They were laughing so hard at me.

I will never understand that "but I'm a teacher" mentality. Give it a rest. Use your brain. If you want something on sale, get yourself in to the store while it is on sale.


(I am in no way anti-public school teachers. Several are in our family. My son had two wonderful PS teachers. I'm just against the self-serving mentality in the name of teaching.)


Wendy Hawksley said...

Kamsahamnida (thank you!) for the laugh! After the past 2 days with the chaos of our furniture and household goods arriving, standing on my feet for 12 hours or more, unpacking, organizing, etc., sitting at the computer to catch up on my blogs and reading yours was the MOST gratifying thing EVER this week!!!


Anonymous said...

You are brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

Joi said...

LMAO!!! You are sooo bad and I love it.

School lunch...ha ha ha ha ha!!

Meg_L said...

"school lunch program" great line.

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

I'm so glad you spoke up. That was incredibly rude on her part. I wonder if her principal and administrators know what a bad light she is shedding on that school. Talk about negative advertising!

audrey said...

Oh! That is priceless! You go girl! :)

JustLocs said...

I almost felt sorry for her. Bless her lil' dumb heart. (I'm southern so bless your heart makes insulting and name calling okay.LOL)