Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tooth Fairy and Braces

Thomas is 13 and 10 months. He has two baby teeth left, which he has been desperately trying to pull. He is getting braces. We have the final consult next week. If the teeth are not gone, they'll have to be pulled.

Tonight, one came out. Yay.

I said, "Honey, I have some bad news for you. There is no such thing as the tooth fairy." He rolled his eyes and said, "Moooooooom!" in a 13-year-old-moms-are-so-dumb manner.

I thought it was funny.


Tonight I was in the back yard enjoying the dogs and watching the fireflies. I called Thomas out and asked him to run around like a little kid and catch them. He rolled his eyes, but he did it for me for a couple minutes.

It made me sad. He has grown up so fast. I just can't believe he'll be 14 in a couple months. Where does time go? Where did my sweet baby, cute toddler, sweet little boy go? He's now a teenager. So little time left, I'm going to enjoy every second that the teen-aged boy allows. ;-)


I sat down to plan school a bit tonight. We're heavy on Language Arts this year. Thomas has surpassed me in science. Yet, we are going to work through physical science together, and if need be, will consult Bob. I am just having a rough time making myself get it all mapped out. I'm like a kid, "I don't wanna go back to school!"

We start September 8th, as we follow our local school district's schedule. I have four weeks left.


I gave Thomas a dollar for his tooth. I'm just nice like that. When he gets the last tooth out (if he pulls it, not the dentist!) I'll give him a $20. Just because.


Wendy Hawksley said...

A dollar is perfectly reasonable at this age and when you're talking the last couple of baby teeth. :)

And, yup, though you've heard it before, I am going to say: Awww, they grow up so fast, don't they?

Meg_L said...

Yeah, by the kids' last couple of teeth they'd just bring them to me for their "tooth fairy" money.

Have fun with the braces!!

Carole said...

Way too fast. Pulling all the college application stuff together brings it home that this is our last year with both boys home. Where did high school go? and middle school? and that cute, little kid catching bugs? Oh, I'm sitting at oldest-boy's desk using his pc and he has a huge dead spider right by his keyboard---a glimmer that there is still a little boy inside....

audrey said...

*sigh* Yep... too fast. T will be 10 next weekend. Where did it all go?

When T was small and losing his first teeth, I started giving him his money inside teeny-tiny cards in teeny-tiny envelopes, all signed TTF because "The Tooth Fairy" didn't fit.

Even though he "knows," I still do it anyway because it's just... you know... a mommy thing to do, I guess.

jesnicole said...

That's so funny about the tooth fairy!!! Why are you letting that child grow up? ;) I'm not letting least I think I'm not.... Missin' you, lady!

Hillary said...

Hey, it was good to see your comment on my blog. I had no idea you were blogging again.

Just a thought- Braden had his braces on before his last 2 baby molars came out. they just didn't attach brackets on them. When they fell out, and new ones came in, they went in and put brackets on the new ones and attached wires.

But maybe that's how big-city orthodontists do it? ;)