Tuesday, January 31, 2006

coffee and printers don't mix

Last night, I was sipping my decaf, surfing away, when all of a sudden a profanity came out of my mouth and I saw coffee going everywhere. Somehow I knocked over my tall, freshly-filled cup.

DH jumped up, grabbed our 4-in-one printer/scanner and coffee poured out of it. I could cry. I haven't tried it today to see if I killed it or not. What a bonehead I am.

I am grateful, though, that it didn't get my laser printer. That thing is 11 years old, I used it for my business, and it is a work horse.

I'm scared to plug that printer in. Dang, I'm broke, too. I still only have $2.43 in the checking account.

DH insists the whole problem is my choice in coffee cups. At Christmas I bought myself three coffee cups that are very tall, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. I love my coffee cups. It makes my coffee experience all the better when I drink from them. They just fit me. Okay, so they don't fit the printer.

Damn it all.

I need to put a paypal link on and request donations for my blogging time so that I can buy a new printer or some other form of really cool coffee cup. NOT. (I still can't get over that!)


Almost Lazarus said...

Hey, how 'bout the put the paypal link on MY site?

mull-berry said...

You may have something there ... look at the online game of Runescape (www.runescape.com). Currently, there are about 76,000 players logged on right now ... usually it's higher - 150,000 - once the US kids get out of school. Anyway, out of that, 24,500 are members who pay $5/month to play. Do the math ... $122,855 per month! Impressive!

And yes, I was a cub scout leader. From Tiger - Bear with older son and Tiger only with younger. I love the program but it is a lot of work ... I stopped when my kids lost interest. The last straw was during the local Christmas parade ... there I was with 20 kids that belonged to someone else (all drop-offs) while my own two were home in their warm beds. GRRRrrr.

Almost Lazarus said...

They are paying a huge premium for bandwidth though - I'd estimate $50-100K a month. That eats up the internet profit.

I pay $10 a month to generate a measley 50K mb of file storage, and 100K mb download capacity a day. To play runescape, one user would use 2X (at least) that amount in one session.

Now there's a math problem for you to work out. Ha.

Almost Lazarus said...

Oops, I pay $5 a month - I paid for two months this time, heh heh.

Frankie said...

I have often wondered *how* these companies make any money! Hmmm, maybe a research project for DS.

Mull-berry, my DS loves cub scouts. I think it's a good program, but I am so ready to retire.

DS is really looking forward to Boy Scouts, but I'm afraid he'll hate it. He's a vegetarian wannabe, he hates to fish -- thinks it's animal cruelty, he has no desire to shoot guns or bows and arrows, although he did try both at an event. He does like to camp, but I just don't see it being a good fit. And if it's not, I'm worried because I can't think of any other organizations around here for him. He does need some social outlet. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.