Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm Craving a Frosty ... and money

We recently had a Wendy's open in our teeny, tiny town. I have a fondness for Wendy's because it was my first job while I was in college.

I'm craving a Frosty so bad. I paid bills today, which I absolutely *hate* doing more than anything. I'd rather clean public toilets. DH screwed up and forgot to send in an insurance form and we got stuck paying $400 to our local clinic. He just filled out the form so hopefully they'll reimburse us. After paying all the bills, I have $2.43 left. Until Thursday. This sucks.
I can't even go to the store and buy ice cream to make my own Frosty with that!

Damn, after a stressful afternoon of bill paying, I am in major need of something chocolate.

Maybe I should have DS loan me enough for a Frosty.

And to make this homeschool related--

I improvised a home economics program for my son. Focus was household finances. I made him read the news paper and get a job. (Had to be one where the salary and benefits were listed.) We live in such a small town, the best he could find was $9.50 an hour without benefits. What a lesson on the power of a good education that was! I then had him figure out how much money he would make if he worked a 40-hour week. I then told him to deduct about 30% for retirement, taxes, etc.

Next, he had to find a place to live. He ended up with what I'm sure was a dumpy little apartment for $425 a month. He had to make a list of utilities, insurance, food, transportation, etc.

Wow, was he amazed that he didn't have any money left over.

He has to pay bills every month. I bought a play checkbook at Classroom Direct. So, he has to pay bills when I do.

Now here's the kicker. I also share with him our finances. I know so many parents who say it is none of their child's business on what they make. This always leaves me scratching my head because I guess I'm very open and honest with DS. When we go to the store and I say we can't afford X, Y an Z, he *knows* we can't afford it because he knows what we make and where our money goes.

When I moved away from home and had to start all this financial business, I was completely lost! So why not teach a ten-year-old child the truth! He knows the value of money.

My next quest on the financial realm is to teach him about investing and making his money work for him. On this, I am if anyone has any suggestions for a good, easy-to-understand book, fill me in.


samuel said...

Pretending the topic is the frosty and not the financial lesson, I like to dip my fries in my frosty. That's actually the only way I like Wendy's fries.
And I'm craving money also!

Anonymous said...

I think it's e-trade that will let you set up a ficticious account to manage and see if you can make any money