Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lost Post Found

A good friend emailed me this morning. She saw my lost post on bloglines. I still can't find it on my dashboard. Perhaps it's because I forgot to title it? I don't know. It has a working link. It's just not showing up. No biggie -- just annoying. Anyway, thanks, G.

So, he he, here it is again. It is just so important, don't you know.

I found a cool geography website tonight. I realized I really need to study my Oceania geography. I bombed. DS took the US test and did really well except for the east coast -- I guess I know where we need to spend some time.Survivor had its season premier last night. I am so glad Doc blogged about it because I was assuming it would have its premier after the SuperBowl like usual. They voted the one person off that I instantly liked. I was just dumbfounded that someone could be afraid of -- leaves. Good grief.In school we've been hitting the fractions pretty hard. I was ready to throw Singapore Math out the window when we came to fractions in 3B. DS did not get it at all. I couldn't explain it to him for anything. I finally ended up ordering Painless Fractions from Amazon. Click. A change of pace helped. We had so much fun that we worked halfway through the book. DS is way ahead of the game now on the fraction front and we're ready to breeze through the rest of 3B. I was looking through 4A and DS will breeze through the majority of that book, too.I have noticed a big pattern regarding Singapore Math book 3B while reading homeschool boards. It seems a lot of kids stall on fractions in 3B. DS didn't understand at all where Singapore was going, yet when we got the new book, it just clicked. I'm wondering if it's not the kids, but Singapore. Yeah, that's it, blame it on the book.I made a 60-page math test for DS to take today. He aced it. It was hard, too.Singapore doesn't teach decimals in 3B or 4A, what I consider to be 4th grade, yet it is one of our state standards. We also have to do standardized tests yearly, so I ordered the Key To Decimals series this morning. I probably didn't need to order any books, but sometimes it's just easier on me. I'd rather put my energies on other things. Besides, if I pick up a pack of Pokemon stickers, we can call it Pokemon Math and DS will work happily.That's about it for my Friday-night update. Except I'm bored. There's nothing to do in this town. DH is sound asleep on the couch, DS is playing on the computer and I'm climbing walls.

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Do you have a 'teacher's store' anywhere near to you? I've lived two places that had access to one and they both had laminators that you could use for a buck or two a foot.