Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gulp, Jumping into our First Science Unit Study

My son is a science freak. He loves science. He knows science. He can talk shop with his dad. I'm out in left field because science is just not very interesting to me -- until delve into it.

Science this year has been hit and miss, dad has done a lot of the science schooling. I've done some. Not enough.

So, feeling the guilt, I sat down with my worn copy of Rebecca Rupp's Home Learning Year by Year. I wrote down some ideas for upcoming units we can do. I decided to start with a big, long human anatomy unit.

Being short on funds and not wanting to hear any further complaints about buying books from the old man, plus not wanting to get caught sneaking in a book order into the house, I decided to -- light bulb moment -- use what I have.

I grabbed my Konos index. Yup, they've got a fantastic unit on the Human Body. So today I went to the store and photocopied the unit -- Konos lets you do that for your own personal use -- so that I could mark it up. I planned 10 weeks of study. I printed worksheets. I searched our library online. I searched my bookshelves. I made a list of what I need to buy. I made a list of what I can beg the local locker to donate. (He gave eyeballs for dissection to us last year for free.)

I can't procrastinate any further. Tomorrow we will start. I'm nervous. I've never been this formal yet relaxed at the same time with science. It's all weird, it's all strange. It's not linear, it's hodgepodge. It's not me.

At least I can deal with a human body unit. That's not too tough. Maybe I'll get my confidence up so I can do a unit on chemistry.

Funny thing, in high school I got the top score in my high school in biology. I went to a big high school. It was a big deal. So next year in honors chemistry, I barely scratched out a C. High school chemistry -- maybe that's where my science phobia developed.

March on. My kiddo loves science. I guess I can learn next to him and we always have dad to bail us out. Uhm, I should say bail me out. What will probably happen is my son will teach me.

Gulp. Here we go.


Almost Lazarus said...

Oh dear, you know, I have about 10,000 free downloadable resources for anatomy. I'll post some for you on my website.

Frankie said...

Thank you! That would lot of time. Much appreciated! =)