Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two Fun Days of Math

Yesterday and today we had fun with math.

Yesterday instead of getting out our Singapore book, or working on fractions from our Painless Fractions book, we grabbed our library books.

We sat in our big chair in the living room and read some books.

First was Millions to Measure by David M. Schwartz. This was a fun book that explained how measurement was and came to be today. Second, we read On Beyond a Million, an Amazing Math Journey. This was a fun book that taught my son the meaning of googol and googolplex. Finally, we started G is for Googol, a Math Alphabet Book. Together, we didn't make it past B because mom got carried away doing binary numbers. I was also tired of reading, so DS took over and made it J on his own. He loved this book and we will finish soon.

It was a fun break from computational math.

Today we read a few chapters from This Book is About Time by Marilyn Burns. This was fun, but I skipped a lot as I was reading. We didn't make it too far, but DS now has an understanding of the time zones. He knew what they were before, but the history behind them was fun to learn (think railroads!) and he has a much better grasp. We then went to our big world map and played what time is it where when it's X time here.

That wasn't enough for our math today, so I grabbed my book of handouts that I made and taught DS Roman Numerals. These have not been covered in Singapore, but something he needed to know. I made a chart for him, and he got the letters down fast. I had printed many worksheets off the net and he did three in about ten minutes. He had a lot of fun. Tomorrow we'll review concepts and read some more of the Time book.

I got all my ideas from Rebecca Rupp's book Home Learning Year by Year. These were all mentioned in the 4th grade section. Well, G is for Googol is mentioned in the 5th grade section. I think these books could be read at a much younger age, too, yet weren't too babyish for a 10-year-old -- which was my biggest worry.

We're stalling right now in math. We have decided to ditch Singapore Math altogether and do something totally crazy. Tonight I ordered Lial's Basic College Math. We are going to start working in that book and using the Key to books as supplements easing him into concepts.

I was really surprised when I read the Table of Contents of BCM. I think it will be very doable for my bright boy. My husband, the engineer, asked me why I hadn't done this a long time ago. He mentioned that he was going to suggest it, but that I spent so much time researching curriculum that he thought I had already decided against a basic math book. I had never even thought of such a book until some friends were discussing it. In fact, I didn't know such an elementary college math book existed. Shows what I know!

Hoping it all works out!


BridgetJ said...

I got Lial's BCM in the mail last week. It has a TON of practice problems and great, clear explanations. We dumped Abeka Arithmetic last week after 5 long years. I think Lial's is going to be great for us, too. Looks like we're on the same path!

Peace, BridgetJ

Frankie said...

Wow, that is very reassuring. GMTA, huh?

I'm starting to rethink a lot of things regarding school. I think rather than focusing on history so much, we're going to switch the focus to science. I don't know...need to think about it a little more.

I tend to redo things often.

BridgetJ said...

We haven't done much science in the past, and I am thinking about doing some serious science next year. I was thinking either Rainbow Science or Real Science 4 Kids.

What will you be using? Do you know anything about Rainbow or RS4K?

I haven't redone anything in years. It's definitely time!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which edition you got of BCM? I've been reading about that one for my son, too. I see different versions on ebay.

BridgetJ said...

I bought the sixth edition. No special reason. I think they are all almost identical anyway. I just bought the cheapest one that was new. About 30 bucks. I would have bought any of the other editions had they been less expensive.

Peace, BridgetJ

Frankie said...

Dot, I bought the 6th edition just as Bridget did. The reason I did that was because I also found the teacher's manual (with the answers) for the 6th edition at a reasonable price.

I spent $43 plus shipping for both books. I used Amazon marketplace rather than Ebay.

They shipped out today so I'm anxious for them to get here so I can see them!

My husband gave me a talking to about editions. He said buy an older one, it's cheaper, it served its purpose well for the years it was the current one...and they can't possibly update the book *that* much. So I did.

Frankie said...

Bridget, I have RS4K. We started the chemistry and it blew *me* out of the water and I put it back on the shelf. The biology looks right up my alley, but I haven't started it yet.

I think they're actually great books -- but horribly expensive for 10-week courses.

I also bought the Atoms to Molecules books (or whatever the titles are) that WTM suggests to go with them. Somewhere there is a correlation between the two that someone did on chemistry floating around. If anyone wants a copy, I can find it.

BridgetJ said...

I am still trying to decide on what to do for science. I like that Rainbow is all in the box. But it's pricey. I'm going to give it a few more days before I order anything.

I changing everything up for next year. Sigh. More work....

Peace, BridgetJ