Thursday, March 16, 2006

County Fair Arts and Crafts

Last year my son entered things in the county fair under the Cub Scout division. He won lots of ribbons and a little cash, too. It was a lot of fun. He'll enter under Cub Scouts again this year. As we were walking through the fair, we spotted the 12 and under arts and crafts exhibits. We decided that it would be cool to incorporate County Fair Arts and Crafts into our school. I saved last year's fair book and typed up select categories that are boyish enough and I think my son might enjoy doing.

I'm scratching my head on some of these categories, though. Plastics? What does it mean, plastics? Liquid painting or stenciling? Isn't all paint liquid? I don't get that one, either.

I thought I'd share what we are doing because I know there are county fairs all over the country. My son was thrilled seeing his creations up on display, and was even more thrilled when he got ribbons. (He won the grand champion for Scouts division, which was very cool.) I highly recommend entering the county fair. As my son said, "Mom, plain and simple, it's just cool!"

Maybe some of you crafters have some ideas to help us out. We have no Wal-Mart in our town. We have no craft store, either. We are 60 miles from the nearest Hobby Lobby. I hardly ever go to Hobby Lobby because I spend too much money there. (In other words, I can't just hop in my car to go get ideas.)

County Fair Arts and Crafts


Either buy a kit or find something on the internet. A rope basket would be cool.


Buy something and have DS paint it.



Wreath or swag

Probably not, not too boyish...unless we made a Harry Potter wreath. Would a Christmas wreath count or would that have to be under Holiday.

Wall hanging

Something Harry Potter. ???


Make a bead wristband or a beadie.
More Patterns

Cool Recycled Site
DS will be making a train similar to that on this website. We have all the parts saved up, just need to build it.

Toy, small


Painting on item

Will buy a box or plaque and have him paint a scene or design.

Paper craft

quilling, oragami, paper airplanes...???

Liquid painting or stenciling



Leather moccasins

Craft stick item
probably a craft stick bridge. However, DS has free access to the craft sticks and builds with them all the time. His latest creation is a telephone holder. It's a major PITA because the phone falls off, but we use it anyway.

Christmas wall hanging

Not specified
??? Could have fun but I'm drawing a blank


DS has been begging to learn to make a quilt. (Probably because of my civil-war era quilts from my great-grandparents that I love so much) I have purchased everything, just need to give up control over MY sewing machine and quilting supplies. Gulp. Will make a baby quilt log cabin style with the Quilt in a Day pattern.


?? Does Wal-Mart still sell Harry Potter fabric? How creative can you really get with a pillow? Will search the net.

Stuffed Animal

Need to find pattern...I'm wondering if a yarn snake would qualify as a stuffed animal. It's not really stuffed, but cool. My pattern is like a pom-pom snake, as long as you want to make it...wouldn't an eight-foot long snake be cool?


Have kit, have started.

Construction – wood or metal

Hmmm, the choices are wide open.

Collection of items – small

Ha ha, snort, too many collections here. Will probably spray paint an egg carton and display rocks. Last year he displayed his state keychains in cub scouts.

Photography – framed (made to hang)

Time to hand over the camera.

Picturenumber painting (made to hang)

Have purchased, need to start.

Picture – any type

Probably a picture of his dream house, which there are at least a million of around here.

Refinished furniture

I have a night table that is old and ugly. He could use it in his room. Would painting qualify rather than staining?


Sky's the limit here.


Meg L. said...

For the leather go to Tandy. They have a pretty good website to order supplies from and they will give discounts for troop orders if you ask. I've been doing leatherwork for years and years and do workshops for the homeschoolers every spring. My son made the mocassins 5ish years ago and they are hardly worn.

Meg L. said...

oops, I meant they 'look' hardly worn and he wears them nearly everyday.

Almost Lazarus said...

My son does models, car models, and enters them. I think plastics is then you do the crossstitching on plastic canvas. You can make boxes and guy stuff. If you're going to do leather, have him learn to carve instead of just stamping. We come from a long line of saddle makers here...


Frankie said...

I knew you guys would come through with good ideas for me!! Thanks.

I didn't know Tandy would give scout discounts, that's very good to know. We bought a mocassin kit at Hobby Lobby about a year ago and DS is almost done making them. Sadly, his feet are growing and I don't think they'll fit for very long.

I asked my husband if he knew how to carve leather -- bingo, he does. He's a jack of all trades.

I thought that plastics might be plastic canvas...the bad thing is I sold all my plastic canvas at my garage sale this summer. Maybe we'll just skip plastics. lol

Doc, about your blog -- I almost had a panic attack last night. I went to your blog and got the "you are forbidden" note. Man, did that make me react -- she can't forbid me from her blog, I love her blog. lol Then I remembered that blogger was having some problems. I think I would have cried had I been forbidden from your blog. ;-)

Meg L. said...

Aww, Butch can I envy you some more? I've always wanted to make a saddle, but never did and now I don't have the horse to go with it. I do do custom work (my own 'kit' with my own designs) and I'll try to post a picture of my purse and wallet when I get a chance.