Wednesday, March 15, 2006

For your morning coffee

Have a cup of coffee with me this morning.

My son and I both think this is pretty funny. Put the coin in the slot, select your coffee and then make sure to click on apri after the coffee pours.

Really, this reflects my sense of humor.

And on another note, we got a cool email today with sidewalk drawings. We liked them so much we searched the artist, Julian Beever. Scroll down and check them out. Our favorite is the boat followed closely by the Coke bottle. Very talented!


mull-berry said...

That was cute ... thanks for the laugh!

Mommy Mare said...

Ok, that is funny. My dh spent like 8 zillion dollars on this fancy coffee machine for his office. It pretty much makes coffee that tastes like Monkey piss, but since he spent so much money on the stupid thing, he doesn't like to admit the cofee if horrible. I just sent him the link!

BridgetJ said...

Oh I never should of shown this to my kids. They have been bugging me to replay it all day!