Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Purity Fire

I received this from my local homeschool group. Okay, I admit that I am in a mini-depression right now. This kind of thing just does not help. At first I laughed at it because it was so funny, but then it fueled my depression because I want a homeschool group that isn't so extreme, so weird.

I wasn't going to blog this because the local hs group people have been very nice to me, have not preached. However, this is so against my beliefs and so stupid that I just couldn't not share it.

The two big questions are: What is a manly meal? Is it prepared by young virgin girls so it is pure?

What exactly do they do at the purity fire? Throw the boys into the fire?

I know...they tell the manly men and boys to not visit because they got smart and figured out that is just a place where Christians can discuss porn under the guise of their religion.

Shaking my head.


For young men 7-12 grade and their fathers

April 8,2006
at 6:00 p.m.

at the XYZ Farm

Cost of $15.00 pair ($5.00/ additional son)

The evening will begin with a manly meal, followed
by music and skits. Mr. ABC will challenge and inspire
father and sons to be pure.

Reserve your tickets by calling ???


Jo said...

Ohhhhhhh maybe they throw the fathers into the fire so the moms can start fresh with a new hubby. :)

Manly meal... that shit just cracks me up!

Audrey said...


I'm stumped again. I don't know what a purity fire is. But, I also didn't know what magic undies were until Butch enlightened me.

My dh says that he's not entirely sure, but thinks that a "manly meal" would be anything that stops up your colon for a week or more.

contemplator said...

Husband says since fire is involved, it better involve meat cooked over it. Although he doubts it is the TRUE manly meal of pork & beans cooked over a blowtorch. In the can.

And, if the husbands were pure...wouldn't there be no sons????

M__ said...

Oh come on! This sounds like a miserable night for all involved. I've never heard of a purity fire. You learn something new every day.....

BridgetJ said...

Manly meal = beef jerky and beer