Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

I didn't take photos of Thomas this year. He dressed up as Scream, the same as last year. We only had a dozen trick-or-treaters this year.

I saw this meme at Our Life Adventures and thought I'd play. Yes, I know Halloween is over, but I neglected to do anything for the holiday on the blog. So, better late than never.

Here are the questions:

Are you scared of bats?

When you were a kid, did you go out on Mischief Night?
I have no idea what mischief night is.

What is your favorite trick-or-treat candy?
Peanut M&Ms

Have you ever seen a ghost?
I have not seen a ghost. I have felt one, on several occasions, though. (There, that's enough to scare off many readers for good!)

The most memorable costume you ever wore?
My witch costume, when I was 6 or 7. Mom took me to some Halloween play in the high school auditorium while I was in costume, and they handed me a clothespin when I walked in. At the end of the play, the pulled the few kids with clothespins up on stage and I won best costume. I don't remember what I won, but I remember the event. I had a green face and mom pinned a plastic rat in my wig hair.

Do you carve a happy or a scary face on the pumpkin?
Whatever we feel like. This year we did a goofy pumpkin and yet another vomiting pumpkin. I fear Thomas will always insist on the sickly pumpkin. When kids comment, I always tell them the pumpkin go sick because he ate too much candy.

Do you dress up on Halloween?
I haven't for about three years now.

Any cooking or baking you do for Halloween?

Have you ever been to The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland or Disneyworld?

Any element of the season you don’t like?
Fall is my favorite season. Well, spring is my favorite season of the year when February hits us because I'm sick of the nasty, cold winters here, but honestly, fall is my favorite.

What is your favorite scary movie?
Silence of the Lambs

Do you cook the pumpkin seeds from your carved jack-o-lanterns?

Are you intrigued with vampires?
No. Although, I loved Angel when it was on TV.


Kate in NJ said...

Happy Halloween Frankie!!

Jodi said...

Thanks for joining in! :) I think the vomiting pumpkins are so cool. My son saw a few on other blogs and I think he wishes he did one after all. I need to get pictures up from Halloween, but as you said, better late than never. ;) Have a great week!

Meg_L said...

Well, Belated Halloween yourself!

We always do ho hum pumpkins, oh well.