Thursday, November 06, 2008


Today the library had its monthly teen Wii party.

Thomas was the only kid to show up. So he played. All by himself.

The librarian had her computer and worked while he played. He said toward the end, she played a game with him.

The library bought this and has teen parties and adult parties once a month. Thomas went in September, missed October, and then today. In September, there were three other kids.

The library is trying to give kids something to do, but no one takes them up on it. Meanwhile, upstairs in the computer room, kids are gathered around the computers playing Runescape. Go figure.

We thought of inviting some homeschooling friends to go with us next month, but they believe video games are evil. Thomas's best friend moved away. He has a few other friends, but they're hard to plan stuff with because they're busy.

So I wonder how long the library will continue having Wii parties!

And on a brighter note, I'm starting to feel better.


Meg_L said...

Our library has teen parties too, and the turn out is a mixed bag.

The Apples to Apples tournament that they held was made up of the kids involved in planning the teen activities, and a bunch of homeschoolers that Girl talked into going.

So, basically her two sets of friends.

Mama B said...

Maybe they should close the computers off to encourage the use of the "wii". What does Thomas think of the wii? Rumor has it that one of our boys' uncles is vying for "uncle of the year" by putting a wii under the tree for them.

Glad you are feeling better!

audrey said...

I wish I could offer that at my library, but I fear that the turn-out would be similarly disappointing.

I don't understand why, but it seems increasingly difficult to appease kids at the library anymore.

The Giggles Family said...

Our library here does some stuff in the summer but, alas the trend is similar.... unless the kids are accompanied by their parents (read: very young), not too many show up.
The boys are getting a Wii from Santa this year.... I am an only child and hubby's sisters are well...let's just say, not too worried about becoming "aunt of the year" LOL!
I think the idea of turning the computers off is a great one.... try mentioning it to the librarian?

Jodi said...

We have the same issue at our small library. My son was doing the AniManga & he was usually the only one there. :(

Kate in NJ said...

Our library runs all kinds of parties for all ages..and family "game nights". It is always very crowded,
so we don't often go to these programs anymore.They have a "teen panel" that helps plan what they need to keep the kids happy.;-)

I hope Thomas finds someone to hang with soon.