Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Hit by a flu bug today, I've been in bed most of the night, sleeping off and on. How delightful to wake up an hour ago, and watch CNN.

When CNN announced it, I literally had chills running up and down my body -- and it wasn't flu chills, it was excitement. I've been crying, too--tears of JOY. I literally sobbed tears of joy.

I have such great HOPE for our country now.

Now I pray (yes, I do that) that Obama picks a GOOD cabinet and gets this country straightened out.

What a HAPPY, HAPPY day.



Carole said...

We all stayed up and watched the acceptance speech, what smiles I had. Hope in this country once again. I was too excited to go to sleep and stayed up to way past 1:30am....

I do hope you are feeling better, the flu is not fun.

Kate in NJ said...

We stayed up here, P wouldn't go to sleep until she saw him speak.
We are so happy.
Feel better!!

Hillary said...

Hi Frankie! Thanks for the comment!

Sorry to hear about your zombie-like state. You've already proven that your mind can be taken over by empty rhetoric. So, if I can just find a catchphrase as vague and meaningless as "Yes we can!" then you'll be mine to control!!!


Frankie said...

Oh, but Hillary, my DH tries so hard to control me -- he wants me to be a Republican. (I'm neither R or D) He hasn't succeeded in 19 years of marriage, so good luck! lol

Meg_L said...

well, I hope you're feeling better. We were quite happy down here as well.

jesnicole said...


Julie said...


We too were delighted! I had Mr. B color in an electoral map while I pretended the returns were coming in. He was dancing around. Needless to say this was all before the Republican dh came home. :-) I figure after 15 years of marriage I can't change the dh but I sure can keep the kids liberal!