Monday, February 27, 2006

blog housekeeping and what we did today

Mull-berry, I think I have the link to the adventure mouse fixed, thanks for letting me know.

I have also added a bunch of blogs I read. In my late-night, tired state, I may have missed someone I regularly read and if it is you, let me know and I'll add the link. lol How is that for a weird request -- but bloggers know who reads their blog and who responds and I'm tired. lol

Okay, so here's how our day went. My son and I stayed up a little past midnight last night. He was too energized from late-night skating to sleep. We got up later than normal. I made oatmeal chocolate-chip muffins (from scratch, just call me Martha) and three scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then we played on the computer a bit. Then we decided we really did need to do some school -- but by this point poor DS was so tired he couldn't focus. (Okay, he was whining and making me miserable.) So, ha ha, I made him lie down for a nap. I joined him. He stayed wide awake but told me I snored.

This afternoon the telephone repairman showed up to fix our lines. We have been without our landline for over two weeks. That is a very long story that I promised DH I would not get into. (Hint: If you marry an engineer, he will want to fix everything, but timing is not important.) We now have phones again. I must say it was really nice to not have the phone ringing all the time. It was a luxury, really. I like my privacy. But reality won out, I need a phone.

We did a very relaxed but productive school session this afternoon. My son, who hates to color, colored in his geography coloring book. While he was coloring, I read from a book (forget the name) from the New York Public Library on American geography. When I got tired reading from that, I read a little book that was my moms about all the parts of speech. We then did math again, although DS was still not in the mood to work all his problems, so I made him practice figuring perimeters in his head. He wanted to do geography again, so we did. This time we got our tiny globe bank out and just started looking at it. We were talking about wars, world religions, poles, climates -- we must have talked for about thirty minutes. This kid is a geography nut. He loves it. I need to get my act together and figure out what resources he would love. He asks a million questions that I cannot answer. We then read Tituba again...I'm reading it out loud and seems to be never-ending. I hope to finish tomorrow. We'll see. Ending the day, DS started reading a book called My Favorite Ghost.

So school today was only about two hours, but he still learned.

I made my husband take me out to dinner AGAIN. He owed me over that thing I'm not supposed to talk about. I'll have to make him a really nice dinner tomorrow night.


M__ said...

At least you made a good breakfast and did some school today. We ate out for two meals and went to co-op, cello and karate. We need to hit the books hard tomorrow!

Almost Lazarus said...

We schooled for 8 hours, after I ground flour, baked 8 loaves of bread, milked the goats, made cheese, and knitted a sweater. Beat that.

I should have typed this message in Latin.

Almost Lazarus said...

I took the links to everyone's blog off the front page of mine - make the idiots work to find blogs! Actually, they're listed on my public bloglines account. Bloglines is a blog reader, you can insert all the blogs you read, and it will notify you when new posts appear - you can read them there at the blog reader too.

Frankie said...

What about the bible study, Butch? Didn't you do that plus your daily devotionals today, too?


I do have a membership or whatever you call it at bloglines. I found the link through you. I just made mine private. So anyone who knows I visit your blog, I'm one of your private subscribers. Can you tell who is subscribed to you privately??? I only know who three of my private subscribers are.

There is one blog on your list that I lmao when I read it -- B!tch on the street. I love that blog. That is my kind of humor.

And Doc, I am just so boring compared to you. I don't have that many hits, "they" don't seem to care about me (probably because I don't rant on my blog about them, I save that for comments on everybody else's.)

Frankie said...

missy, whenever my husband goes out of town we eat breakfast and dinner out. Every day. He goes for a week at a time, but not very often.

You had a big day, lots of learning going on. There's more to learning than hitting the books, but I'm with you, I feel that need tomorrow, too.

Almost Lazarus said...

No, a person can't tell who the private subscribers are - although in my case, I can guess.

I just did my "devotions" this morning. The shit should be hitting the fan any second now....

I took the links off my front page, but if anyone wants me to put theirs back on, I will. I think I'll make the link to my blog roll more prominent though. It's not that I don't want anyone else to get hits from my site, it was more to protect a lot of you from the idiots who hit my site. Some of you deserve to be able to rant very private matters without so much publicity. Also, when I need a break, I can rant on YOUR site in relative privacy, among people who aren't going to constantly mock me. At least if any of you mock me, you do it silently! ha