Friday, March 03, 2006


Sudoku from
I am absolutely addicted to Sudokus. I do several a day. I went through a Dell book in no time flat, so my husband bought me a book with 500 puzzles in it for Valentine's Day. (How romantic-NOT) lol I'm still plugging away in that book but should have it finished in a week or two.

What is a Sudoku?
Wikipedia has a better explanation than I can give.

Here are a couple websites for the kid-version sudokus.
First Site

Second Site

I started out my addiction by printing puzzles from the first site listed. They also have children versions there that I print for my son.

I do these all day long. When DS is working on something and needs me present, I'm working on a Sudoku. I do one when I wake up with my coffee. I do one before I go to bed. I really am addicted.

And I know contemplator is going to ask again...does doing sudokus make you more logical or just better at sudokus? Hehe, sometimes I think neither is my answer. I will admit here that the first sudoku I did took me a couple HOURS. D'oh. Of course I didn't read any tips on how to do them (yeah, that's my excuse) and I printed out a hard puzzle. Start with an easy one for pride's sake.

I have incorporated sudokus in school. Occasionally. I write them out on the big white board in my kitchen and have DS solve them. He does kids versions on his own because he just doesn't have the patience to do a big puzzle, even though he could. I do make him do the regular puzzles with me occasionally because I'm a mean mom.

Off to do another one before bed.


Mommy Mare said...

I discovered Sudokus while stay in a hotel that delivered USA Today to the room.

They are fun and very addicting!

mull-berry said...

Our newspaper started carrying a daily sudoku puzzle since January. I can do the "gentle" ones but I prefer the crossword, cryptograms and other word puzzles. I guess my mild dsylexia helps unjumble the words for me.

Anyway, my husband is in your neck of the woods this weekend ...Ames. He is attending the college wrestling regional semi-finals (or something) being held at ISU. His parents have are wrestling boosters at OSU. His mom wasn't able to attend so hubbie went in her place. He said it was cold up there! But of course, earlier this week the temp hit 93.

Frankie said...

I have family in Ames and go there a few times a year to visit. It's a nice little college town and the campus is pretty.

I talked to my relative in Ames last night and she said it's supposed to snow this weekend. Hope your DH enjoys it, especially after 93 degree temps! I think I won't complain about cold because 93 in Feb/Mar is beyond my comprehension and is too hot for me any time of the year. lol

mull-berry said...

It was only that hot for one day. The temp today is 56 degrees and it is very possible before the end of March for us to get 10 inches of snow. The weather is such a tease around here ... the last freeze date is April 15. You don't dare put out anything until then unless you can cover it!