Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye Message Boards

I've made a big decision today. I have decided I no longer need commercial homeschool message boards. They've served their purpose -- taught me about curriculum, scheduling, and homeschooling in general.

I'm having so much more fun with a certain group of people, some of whom I've actually met in real life, plus with bloggers. I've actually received more homeschooling help from my group and from bloggers than I have on the boards anyway.

Time to move on to greener pastures.

Goodbye boards, you're out of my favorites links, I wish you all well -- really, I do, and I wish you peace, understanding and open mindedness.


BridgetJ said...

I hope your greener pastures will still include me. I don't want to have to resort to stalking your blog.

Frankie said...

Absolutely -- remember, I'm a wannabe in the little and I mean little circle of bloggers. lol

I like the bloggers -- at least the circle. lol

Almost Lazarus said...

We'll be accused of brainwashing Frankie.

Frankie said...

If anyone wants to think that, here's my response: Bullshit.

I have a mind of my own and I use it.

I'm just tired of the BS there. I also have dropped my fundy friends locally this year. It was a slow process but very liberating.

Why waste my time with people and their ideals that don't match mine?

And really, it's not the BS that goes on the boards that finally led me to make my decision. I just couldn't get into this latest cat thing -- I agreed with the cat and have muttered some of the cat's words in my mind while reading the board. But no, that's not it.

It's the censorship that gets me. And I don't think there were any deleted posts this morning, that I noticed anyway, but censorship in the past.

I just have better uses for my time..such as reading blogs.


Almost Lazarus said...

But won't you miss Peek A Boo?

Becky said...


I never got too interested in boards -- too many people, most of whom I probably wouldn't choose to spend time with in real life (though only because I'm such a curmudgeon) lol. I guarantee you'll feel much more free and liberated now that the boards have been cut free.

And I think a lot of the various boards also tend to enforce feelings of mediocrity in oneself, but that's another comment for another day... : )

Frankie said...

Becky, cat was a poster at the WTF boards that told it like it was. She wasn't liked by the masses. lol

As for enforcing mediocrity in oneself -- well, I am actually kind of arrogant in some aspects of my life. lol Maybe I should go back to the boards and start preaching -- nah. Arrogant is probably not the right word, but very confident. There are aspects of my life that are mediocre, honestly, really. And those areas weren't always there -- I know exactly when and how they started, but I promised myself and my husband I wouldn't husband bash so I won't get into that. Really. It was just at one point I gave up caring about certain things. The good thing about 40 is my eyes are opening and I'm becoming confident enough to admit things that are wrong and see things as they really are and to make changes.

Doc -- no, I won't miss Pique, Peak or Peek. I've seen her spell it all three ways. lol Nor will I miss cheerio.

M__ said...

I need to stay away from that place too. I enjoy blogspot land SO much more with all of you.

Almost Lazarus said...

That board is comic drama. There's no practical advice that a monkey couldn't google faster.

The other boards used to be good, but they've become nothing more than cut and paste right from TWTM. Don't post a curriculum that isn't listed in the book! Don't follow a schedule that isn't in the book! Don't discuss unschooling, positive parenting, or feminism! Those topics are met with way more rudeness than the cat ever considered using.

Audrey said...

Good for you, Frankie! I agree with you about learning a lot more from other sources than those boards. I've learned LOADS of great info from blogs. Sometimes just one good link leads you to a real wealth of info.

I used to like posting on the board, but just don't have the urge to anymore. Well, I do have the urge... but what I really want to say would get deleted faster than I could type it, probably. I don't have the required *well-trained* mind.

I have a brilliant, independent and somewhat devilish mind. ;-)

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