Sunday, February 26, 2006

a clean house

Well, I did it. I got the entire house clean, shining and smelling good. I didn't smell good, though. lol

The house was SO clean that I didn't want to mess up the kitchen and COOK. My husband wanted to make hamburgers and I threw a fit.

He's ticked because we're out $15 for Wendy's. (I won that battle.)

After Wendy's, we went ice skating.

Walking in the door from skating was HEAVENLY.

My house is clean. Ahhhhhh.

Now off to do Sudokus and further contemplate on WHY I never use my real name on the internet.


Almost Lazarus said...

This is a public challenge to get nekid and go roll in a snow bank. RIGHT NOW. Come on.

Frankie said...

Oh, for crying out loud. lol

If I did that and someone saw:

1) It would be REALLY indecent exposure
2) I could probably scare someone so bad that it would kill them
3) It's too fricking cold
4) I'm still frozen from ice skating, why in the hell would I want to go outside and freeze my (put whatever body part you want in here) off
5) The snow is too dirty -- brown and dirt-covered
6) The snow is too icy.
7) I have a dog. A German Shepard -- there's no white snow out there. What isn't covered with dirt is covered get picture.
8) I just don't want to!


NO and HELL No! -- I'm TOO old for this. 20 years ago, maybe.


BridgetJ said...

My neighbors already think I need therapy. One has even tried giving me phone number of a support group. Crazy bitch.

They'd probably call the police. Although the hottie fundie husband across the street would probably watch for a few minutes before he told his wife with the broomstick up her ass to call them.

contemplator said...

LOL. Does working Sudoku puzzles make you more logical...or just better at Sudoku puzzles? I can't decide.

Becky said...

Because the internet can be a scary place. And you never know who's out there (remember that Sitemeter of yours lol?)...

Becky who's not really Becky, although I might consider it if I were still hidden like a needle in a haystack in a NYC apartment rather than a lone spruce on the prairie. Yikes!

Mommy Mare said...

Good for you getting your house all cleaned. I get a little miffed after a day of cleaning and laundry when the people in my house have the audacity to want to eat and/or change clothes. Can't they see how hard I worked?

I am with you on rolling in the snow. Course, we have no snow so I'd be relegated to rolling in a huge pile of horse manure. Not nearly as sexy as snow.

Jo said...

You ready to come clean my house now. :D

Thankfully we have no snow here so I don't have to worry about rolling around in it as Butch suggested. Although, freezing parts of my butt off might be a good thing to help with weightloss. Hmmm I need to think about that one.

As for why you don't use your real name. It's smart because you never know what kind of fruitloop might be seriously stalking you on here. As seen with Missy, some people if they find out you live in their town will just go all out with the analistic idiocy (I just said that because it sounded really cool. :) ).

Then again, what do I know. I'm all over the internet under my real name and my usual username. LOL.

Frankie said...

Oh dear contemplator, the answer to the sudoku question is: Neither. lol I was awfully cocky and whipping them out fast in the dell book -- then for valentine's day DH bought me a sudoku book and it is hard. lol

It passes time and I like doing puzzles, so what the heck.

Frankie said...

You know, I forgot but one year ago this month I was the victim of stalking.

Anyway, it was on a board that had to do with some therapy that was suggested for my son. I made a comment that I went to a certain city and hated the treatment we got at this one office, they were like a used salesman, pressuring us, etc. Our second opinion varied drastically from their results. This was a board where there were doctors posting. Well, one of the doctors was friends and knew who I was talking about (I did kind of mention the name of the clinic to warn other parents, ahem) and the doctor I didn't like got on the group, read my short post, figured out who I was, and called my second opinion doctor in another major city far from here. That doctor had the ethics to call me and ask permission to share my son's records with the first doctor which I refused. The first doctor never tried to get ahold of me, but I posted to the group again about it and tons of the other doctors came to my defense --which I think scared her. I could have and should have done something about it, but I didn't.

That was the day I learned there is nothing private on the internet.