Thursday, March 02, 2006

nothing coming to mind so I'll ramble

I've been meaning to blog but nothing has been coming to mind.

So here's a late-night ramble where free thoughts hit the keys. Of course completely chaotic and unorganized -- as usual.

Today we were supposed to go on a homeschool field trip. It actually would have been a cool trip. I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't face the fundies. I am really glad I kept my mouth shut and didn't tell DS. My husband thinks we should have gone because there might be "just one" family like us. I went to the group's moms night and the ladies were very nice, really, but it just wasn't my cup of tea or glass of beer or actually maui schnapps.

I met the leader of the group this summer at the beach. Our kids were playing together and we started talking. Then we discovered we both homeschooled and she invited me to join the group. I hemmed and hawed. Finally I just was blunt. I told her that yes, I was a Christian but I do not belief in organized religion, I do not attend church, we love Harry Potter, I am a moderate leaning toward liberal in politics, and that we prefer secular curriculum. I also stated that I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion or lack therof regarding religion and I will not now nor ever proselytize. She smiled and said that's okay. (Yeah, right, she can make me come around in the future, huh!) So I joined, I went to the moms night. Yes, the people were nice but it was just too -- goody good for me. What if I slipped up and said, "Oh, shit" in front of them, or better yet, took the lord's name in vain. (Something I tend to do every day.) Ahem.

I haven't attended anything else. Am I teaching my son reverse discrimination? We have known one family in that group for eight years. My son has played with those kids since he was two, although I kind of broke away from them this year. My son plays with the boy down the street, three other kids in the neighborhood, another good girl friend, plus scouts. Is that enough? Do I need to do the homeschool group thing?

I think I made the right decision to not go. I don't think I'll renew my membership next year.

{Please note that this upcoming paragraph is my dry attempt at sarcasm.)

And on another note, I was amazed to learn that homosexuality is caused by drugs and antibiotics in drinking water. Who knew? What I cannot figure out is how the water was infected with drugs and antibiotics since the big bang!

{End of sarcasm.}

I'm sure anyone who reads my blog reads doc's, so you'll know what I'm referring to. This comment has overshadowed me since I read it this afternoon. It makes me so ill. It makes me ill to realize the comment was not challenged. (I refuse to post where it originated, so I guess I'm guilty.) It makes me ill that there was not a public outcry about the homophobia. It makes me ill that people THINK this way. Today. In the 21st Century.


I read that post to my son. Yup, to my 10-year-old son. He was amazed that there were such ignorant people in the world. It made him, my super-sensitive, fight-for-the-underdog kid, angry. And it should.

My biggest worry is what will happen some day when a child of someone who THINKS (or rather *doesn't* think) like that comes to them and says, "Mom, dad, I'm gay." What are they going to do then?

What is so wrong about it all!!!

I just don't get it and never will.

Live and let live.


Mommy Mare said...

Frankie - do you think you could move south to Texas? I'd so love to hang out with you. Your philosphy on religon sounds so much like mine (except you said it better than I could). We could get together for field trips and curse all day long.

Almost Lazarus said...

The only groups around here are wildly religious. I had the same kind of encounter, said "no, we're not really religious, so we wouldn't fit in" "Oh yes you will, come on, it will be fun". I signed my kids up for homeschool swim lessons. The very first day (of a twice a week six week program), the denim jumpers made it clear I could not sit on the bleachers with them - so I spent six weeks sitting there, alone, while even the bitch who invited me ignored me.

Can you telll it still bugs me after 9 years?

BridgetJ said...

I SO BADLY wanted to post a response to that poor misguided woman. But I knew any comment I made would be dripping of irreverant sarcasm.

That board has been a regular part of my life for four years. I kind of equate the situation to a bitter divorce. I may be pissy for a time, but eventually I won't give a crap.

Frankie said...

I would love to move somewhere warmer, but it's not in the cards.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a community of "us" IRL?

Frankie said...

I can tell it still bugs you. I'm afraid that's what would happen to me, eventually.

My son took swimming lessons with our fundy friend's kids for years. We sat together and I listend all about "the Lord" and then in the next breath she loudly gossiped about every person she knew. It was humiliating. I changed the topic each time she started, but she would start in again. Oy, and she thinks I have no morals and ethics.

Last year we took swimming lessons in a town 20 miles from home and I loved every minute of sitting by myself watching, in silence.

Frankie said...

Bridget, it's hard to break away, isn't it. I've actually been reading the board (how can I help when you guys are posting the inks and shenannigans) -- but I've decided to NOT comment again.

I just cannot be a part of something that is so against my ethics. Live and let live -- I was willing to ignore/tolerate the fundies, but the same was not given to others. I cannot tolerate that.

Jo said...

Sounds like me. Most of the homeschool groups here are faith based and I even just had a friend kinda get shit for her kids attending classes through a Christian organization (things like drama, biology, crap like that) and them not being Christian. Of course, this wasn't a problem when they joined but suddenly is now. Jerkoffs!

I thankfully found the secular group pretty quickly but just my luck, the one lady I am making friends with is only here until June. Dammit all! So I don't know what I'm going to do once she leaves. The other ladies are nice and all but it's just not clicking. Guess I shouldn't bitch too much because it's definately better than in Georgia!

I've often talked with friends of mine about our own little commune. Of course, we usually talk about it the most when we hate our husbands and say it would just be for women and kids. LOL. As long as we can have isolation shacks that we can throw the men in when they piss us off... people could bring hubbies too I suppose.

So from what I've seen, all of "Butch's Bitches" (that just cracks me up) and obviously Butch too would be welcome. No doctors though, they piss me off right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

"what will they do then" Well, I'm pretty sure they'll start filtering their drinking water right quick!